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Workshops, June 1st

Workshop 1: 1st International Workshop on the Semantic Sensor Web (SemSensWeb 2009)
Workshop 2: Trust and Privacy on the Social  and Semantic Web (SPOT2009)
Workshop 3: 4th Workshop on Semantic Wikis (SemWiki2009)
Workshop 4: Workshop on Inductive Reasoning and Machine Learning on the Semantic Web (IRMLeS2009)
Workshop 5: 4th International Workshop on Semantic Business Process Management (SBPM2009)
Workshop 6: Workshop on Context, Information And Ontologies (CIAO2009)

Workshops, May 31st

Workshop 7: 5th Workshop on Scripting and Development for the Semantic Web (SFSW2009)
Workshop 8: 1st International Workshop on Stream Reasoning (SR2009)

Workshop 1: 1st International Workshop on the Semantic Sensor Web
(SemSensWeb 2009) (Full day)

Millions of sensors are currently been deployed in sensor networks around the globe and are actively collecting an enormous amount of data. Together with legacy data sources, specialized software modules (e.g., modules performing mathematical modeling and simulation)
and current Web 2.0 technologies such as mashups, deployed sensor networks give us the opportunity to develop unique applications in a variety of sectors (environment, agriculture, health, transportation, surveillance, public security etc.). The terms Sensor Internet, Sensor Web and Sensor Grid have recently been used to refer to the combination of sensor networks and other technologies (Web, service-oriented, Grid and database) with the view of addressing this opportunity.Previous work in Sensor Internet, Sensor Web and Sensor Grid projects makes very little use of semantics (e.g., in terms of metadata and ontologies) and, in fact, whenever they do use semantic concepts, they do so in an unprincipled and non-systematic way. On the contrary, the use of explicit semantics for Web and Grid resources as pioneered by Semantic Web and Semantic Grid projects enables us to overcome the heterogeneity of data and resources, and to improve tasks like data sharing, service discovery and composition etc.In this workshop, we would like to explore whether the core ideas and technologies of the Semantic Web can also be applied to sensor networks to allow the development of an open information space which we call the Semantic Sensor Web
(see also the recent Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semantic_Sensor_Web ).
Homepage: http://semsensweb.di.uoa.gr/

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