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Workshops, June 1st

Workshop 1: 1st International Workshop on the Semantic Sensor Web (SemSensWeb 2009)
Workshop 2: Trust and Privacy on the Social  and Semantic Web (SPOT2009)
Workshop 3: 4th Workshop on Semantic Wikis (SemWiki2009)
Workshop 4: Workshop on Inductive Reasoning and Machine Learning on the Semantic Web (IRMLeS2009)
Workshop 5: 4th International Workshop on Semantic Business Process Management (SBPM2009)
Workshop 6: Workshop on Context, Information And Ontologies (CIAO2009)

Workshops, May 31st

Workshop 7: 5th Workshop on Scripting and Development for the Semantic Web (SFSW2009)
Workshop 8: 1st International Workshop on Stream Reasoning (SR2009)

Workshop 3: 4th Workshop on Semantic Wikis (SemWiki2009) (Full day)

Wikis are a major success of Web 2.0. They are used for a large number of purposes, such as encyclopaedias, project documentation, and coordination, both in open communities and in enterprises. Wikis have demonstrated how it is possible to transform a community of strangers into a community of collaborators. By integrating Semantic Web technologies, semantic wikis one the one hand allow this new community of contributors to produce formalized knowledge readable by machines and on the other hand support the users in ways ordinary wikis are not capable of, e.g. by personalisation, integration with other services, and reasoning . Authoring and usage of informal and formal data take place in the same system, leading to instant gratification. Some systems simply tag existing wiki content, others are full-fledged ontology editors, but the majority covers the large scale between informal and fully formalized content, guiding users from informal knowledge contained in texts to more formal structures. Semantic wikis are a very promising way to establish a partnership between human and automated collaborators, creating communities for collaborative knowledge building and sharing. Some important steps have already been achieved with systems that are already adopted outside of the original Semantic Web community. Semantic wikis are thus even now a major success story of the Semantic Web and a reference that combines the advantage of Web 2.0 and the Web of data and have the potential to significantly contribute to the adoption of semantic technologies throughout the Web. The goal of this workshop is to study how interactions within a semantic wiki between humans and between humans and machines can help both parties to collaboratively produce and share knowledge that is usable for human and computers. As semantic wikis contain many of the core Semantic Web challenges in an integrated fashion, we are also concerned about contributing results obtained in semantic wiki "petri dishes" to the overall Semantic Web effort.
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