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Workshops, June 1st

Workshop 1: 1st International Workshop on the Semantic Sensor Web (SemSensWeb 2009)
Workshop 2: Trust and Privacy on the Social  and Semantic Web (SPOT2009)
Workshop 3: 4th Workshop on Semantic Wikis (SemWiki2009)
Workshop 4: Workshop on Inductive Reasoning and Machine Learning on the Semantic Web (IRMLeS2009)
Workshop 5: 4th International Workshop on Semantic Business Process Management (SBPM2009)
Workshop 6: Workshop on Context, Information And Ontologies (CIAO2009)

Workshops, May 31st

Workshop 7: 5th Workshop on Scripting and Development for the Semantic Web (SFSW2009)
Workshop 8: 1st International Workshop on Stream Reasoning (SR2009)

Workshop 7: 5th Workshop on Scripting and Development for the Semantic Web (SFSW2009) (Full day)

On the current Semantic Web there is an ever increasing need for lightweight, flexible solutions for doing publishing, presentation, transformation, integration and general manipulation of data for supporting and making use of the increasing number of deployed open linked datasets and publicly available semantic applications. Communication and architectural standards such as AJAX, REST, JSON already cater to this need of flexible, lightweight solutions, and they are well supported by scripting languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Perl, JSP and ActionScript. This workshop is concerned with the exchange of tools, experiences and technologies for
the development of such lightweight tools, especially focusing on the use of scripting languages. Last year's workshop focused on the creation of Semantic Web data through social interactions as well as applications that integrate socially-created data across communities. Keeping in step with the increasing number of semantically enabled websites for public consumption, this year's focus is bringing the semantic web applications to the main-stream: everything from improving the user experience for browsing and accessing data, through integrating with existing non-semantic services, to quickly and cheaply porting such services to using a Semantic Web architecture.
Homepage: http://www.semanticscripting.org/SFSW2009/

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