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altKeys, Money and Mobile Phone

Across cultures, genders and generations, the mobile phone has become one of the most essential objects in people's everyday life. In this talk, we will go through evidence on how, next to money and keys, the mobile phone is in fact the thing to be carried around by almost everybody, nearly all the time. By looking at the demands and needs of today's mobile users, we then discuss how Semantic technologies can add value to the phone as well as to mobile services.

In the presentation, we will walk through selected projects at DOCOMO Euro-Labs where we advocate that the success of future mobile services will largely depend on their ability to maximize value in varying context. Such "Contextual Intelligence" in devices, mobile applications and service platforms will be needed to manage
different mobile terminals, personalize content and services or to narrow down possibly very large sets of applicable services in a given situation. With this vision of Contextual Intelligence in mind, we are exploiting technologies from the Semantic Web for the mobile domain. For instance, to extend location-based services with knowledge and reasoning on places, people and things.

About Matthias Wagner

Dr. Matthias Wagner is a Senior Manager of the Smart and Secure Services Research Group at DOCOMO Euro-Labs, the European research laboratories of the leading Japanese mobile operator NTT DOCOMO. His research unit is concerned with service provisioning and contextual intelligence in the next generation of mobile systems. The group has created a distinct vision of the future mobile Internet with the Semantic Web as a key enabler, which is materialized in scientific publications as well as innovative research and pre-sale prototypes.

Matthias Wagner held different positions within NTT DOCOMO R&D and acted in coordinating roles in pan-European and international research activities. While in the past ten years his work was tightly connected to the area of telecommunications, his professional roots are in the computer science domains of AI and database systems.


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