Knarig Arabshian, Christian Dickmann and Henning Schulzrinne. Ontology-based Service Discovery Front-end Interface for GloServ PDF Print E-mail

Abstract: This paper describes an ontology-based service discovery front-end interface for GloServ. GloServ is a service discovery engine, which is an ontology-based distributed service discovery system that allows sophisticated querying of services. The working implementation of the front-end interface demonstrates how GloServ can be used for different types of web service discovery. The front-end generates a search form from the service class ontology. It also allows multiple services to be queried for in a single search by generating cascaded forms for combined service queries. It then converts the input to a GloServ query and displays the results to the user in a coherent manner. The use cases that are demonstrated with this implementation are service discovery for location-based services, tagged services and collaborative search with other users.

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