Ervin Ramollari, Dimitrios Kourtesis, Dimitris Dranidis and Anthony Simons. Leveraging Semantic Web Service Descriptions for Validation by Automated Functional Testing Print

ABSTRACT: Recent years have seen the utilisation of Semantic Web Service descriptions for automating a wide range of service-related activities, with a primary focus on service discovery, composition, execution and mediation. An important area which so far has received less attention is service validation, whereby advertised services are proven to conform to required behavioural specifications.  This paper proposes a method for validation of service-oriented systems through automated functional testing. The method leverages ontology-based and rule-based descriptions of service inputs, outputs, preconditions and effects (IOPE) for constructing a stateful EFSM specification. The specification is subsequently utilised for functional testing and validation using the proven Stream X-machine (SXM) testing methodology. Complete functional test sets are generated automatically at an abstract level and are then applied to concrete Web services, using test drivers created from the Web service descriptions.  The testing method comes with completeness guarantees and provides a strong method for validating the behaviour of Web services.